5 Ways Invisible Read Receipts & Click Tracking Can Help Your Business
August, 2021

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    We all send emails throughout the day but knowing if/when those emails are opened and clicked could help your business in ways you may not realize. To show you, we’ve compiled 5 ways Invisible Read Receipts and Click Tracking can have a positive impact on your business. 

    1) To state the obvious, they’re invisible!!

    Traditional read receipts are annoying for recipients, and you can look like a jerk asking for them. They can even hurt your chances of earning a response. But Invisible read receipts provide all the behind-the-scenes details with no popups or interruptions for your contacts. You’ll quickly learn what emails are piquing (peaking) interest even without a reply. And if you are being ignored, you’ll know it, so you can either follow up with a different approach or move on so you’re not wasting time.

    2) Click Tracking

    Knowing an email was opened is one thing, but learning links were clicked is a deeper level of intelligence. For instance, verifying proposals, invoices or presentations were viewed will keep you in the loop and better prepared. Even if you don’t get a reply, you still gain actionable info that helps to follow up more effectively for those that clicked and those that didn’t.

    3) The Magic Moment

    Set up real-time alerts for your most important contacts. This way, you’ll be notified the second a crucial email is viewed. From there, you have two options, either sit back and enjoy the peace of mind or if time is ticking, strike while the irons hot by giving them a call during that magic moment. This is huge for business owners and sales professionals with important deals on the line.

    4) Customer Retention

    Let’s say you’re suddenly notified that one of your important customers is viewing the contract link you sent nine months ago; that’s a red flag!! Are they thinking about leaving? Are they comparing pricing with competitors? Either way, with invisible read and click receipts you’ll be in the know so you can step in and proactively save the day. Side note: This is also ideal for old leads you thought went cold. If you see they’re revisiting an email from the past, you can assume they’re intrigued, and it’s your chance to make another move!


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