Black Pearl Mail

The next generation of email

Signature Management

Manage email branding from one central location

Create disclaimers for the bottom of your emails.

Create consistent emails from one location for all devices.

    Banner Messaging

    Digital Messaging Internally & Externally
    Use banners to engage with customers, team members, prospects & partners.

    Customized Messaging by Groups & Subgroups
    Create groups within your organization with different banner messaging.

    Receive analytics on who’s clicked on your banner.

      Email Insights

      Real-Time Notifications
      Receive real time insights on when and how your email recipients are opening & interacting with your email.

      Customized Daily Digest
      A summary of your previous day’s activity and interactions.

      End-User Analytics & Insights
      Personalized versions of admin level reports – track & trace and export clicks.

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