Live Email Analytics & Insights

Black Pearl Mail provides the best email analytics for Office 365 and Google Workspace — supercharging your email effectiveness. It’s every emailer’s best friend to help plan your next step, whether it’s the timing of your next email or the subject of a follow-up call.


  • Track & trace every email sent
  • Know when your customers open your email
  • See exactly what they clicked
  • Get back in market alerts so you know when to close deals!
  • Receive a daily summary of your email activity
  • Stay one step ahead with real-time notifications
Email Analytics
Email click and tracking notifications

79% more leads are closed when they are reached within 5 minutes after they engaged with your email.

Actionable intelligence right at your fingertips. You don’t always know what happens after an email is sent, but with Black Pearl Mail, you get more than just amazing signatures and killer banners. You get live data and insights — the ultimate email analytics tool that tells you if your emails were opened, clicked, or ignored.

Real-time metrics that ensure your next move is the right move.


Key benefits

Track & Trace
Track & Trace
Have you ever wondered if that important email was received or opened? Our email Track & Trace tool puts you in the know so you’ll never have to ask again.
Daily Digest
Get a summary of your previous day’s emails and  any interactions that occurred. Customize your daily report to best suit your needs and goals.
Real Time Notifications
Real-Time Notifications
Real-time notifications alert you when your recipient reads your email. It’s like email spidey-sense telling you the magic moment you’re top of mind.

We’ve been awarded “Best Ease of Use”!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded “Best Ease of Use” from Capterra.

The Gartner Digital Markets network has more than 1 million verified user reviews spanning its 750+ software categories. Best badges synthesize those reviews to recognize users’ most highly-rated products in a given software category.

Don’t just take our word for it

The greatest value we have seen from Black Pearl Mail is the predictive intelligence achieved through the Black Pearl Insights tool; Insights has helped us to save time on the operations front, helped us to more effectively engage with past, current, and pending clients on the business development front.
Jeremy Meek

Desert Star Construction

The signature and banner management is great, it’s crisp and clean, but the real secret sauce sits inside the insights dashboard provided by Black Pearl. We recently discovered the notifications module, and it has been brilliant to load key contacts into this module so that you receive instant notifications when they engage with your email – it’s powerful.
Mike Pratt

Marque Group

Don’t send & hope. Send & know!

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