Beautiful & brilliant email signatures

We’ve transformed the traditional email signature space into a marketing engine that promotes your business and provides useful insights on email activity. Black Pearl is the ideal way to create and manage smarter email signatures for Microsoft Office 365 Outlook and Google Workspace’s Gmail (formerly G Suite).

  • No code, installs, or IT
  • Company-wide updates in minutes
  • Proven to increase engagement
  • Marketing banners
  • Email analytics

Black Pearl Email Signature Manager
Email Signature Elements

Email signature management the smart way

When Black Pearl Mail set out to revolutionize email signatures, we had two goals in mind. 1) Eliminate all headaches and hassles of email signature management by providing a cloud-based, code-free signature platform, fully capable of remote management, and professional designs. And 2) Maximize the untapped marketing potential of email signatures to increase email engagement, growth, and brand awareness with email banners and powerful email analytics.

Designed and maintained by a collective of email experts, the Black Pearl platform makes every email you more intelligent and effective. If you’re ready to get email smart, we invite you to come aboard.

Email signatures managed from the cloud

These days, things move fast, and so does Black Pearl Mail. That’s why we built our email signature manager in the cloud—giving you full control to manage and update your email signatures company-wide in minutes from any location.

  • Update unlimited signatures in minutes
  • Eliminate unbranded/inappropriate signatures
  • Brilliant, click to design interface (code-free)

Black Pearl lets you control and manage your brand in minutes from any location.

Email Signature Creator

Code & IT Free Email Signature Management

Our Email Signature Manager makes it simple for anyone of any skill to update and manage signatures. There’s no need for IT support or code. Say goodbye to unprofessional signatures and say hello to beautiful consistency from desktop to tablet to mobile. 

Dedicated support from our crew of email experts

While we’ve designed our email signature manager to be nearly self-explanatory, our crew of dedicated email experts is here to help out if you get stuck or need expert advice to make your signatures shine.

Google & Microsoft email signature management

Whether you use Outlook, M365, or G-Suite, we’ve got you covered. Black Pearl Mail plugs into the email service you already use, adding branded, eye-catching signatures that feature profile images, logos, promotional banners, social media icons, and disclaimers.

Customize email signatures by role & department

With Black Pearl Mail, you get unlimited email signatures, groups, and templates that allow each team or department to have the most functional signature for their goals.

Key benefits

Remote control

Remotely update signatures company-wide in minutes.

Lock it down

Eliminate unbranded or inappropriate signatures.


No code, software installs, or IT support needed.


Manage Gmail & G Suite desktop and mobile email signatures for all employees.


Manage M365/0365 and Outlook email signatures for desktop and mobile.


Custom signatures for each department, team, or group for maxim functionality.


Increase sales, traffic, and engagement with social icons, banners, and insights.


Ensure your brand looks great on mobile devices and email platforms.


Our dedicated support staff of email gurus is here to help every step of the way.

Don’t just take our word for it

The uniform branding and quick updates that are possible for signatures across the entire company are key. Quick and simple rollout of “Dark Mode”-friendly graphics for all of our users; it took me no more than 5 minutes for everyone on our email platform.

Peter Clare

RoZetta Institute

After having used Black Pearl Mail for a while, I can’t imagine doing email without Black Pearl Mail; I feel like I would be flying blind without it.

Jeremy Meek

Desert Star Construction

The real secret sauce sits inside the Insights dashboard. We receive instant notifications when engaged key contacts interact with our email – it’s brilliant and powerful.

Mike Pratt

Marque Group

Ready to get started?

A good-looking signature is just the first step. Do your signatures unlock the full potential of each department? Do you want more replies, clicks, and followers? Give us just 10 minutes and we’ll show just how awesome Black Pearl is. Set up your signature review today.