Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Black Pearl Mail work?

Black Pearl Mail is designed to wrap your emails in your company branding, including your logo, signatures, social media icons, and promotional banners.

To ensure successful email delivery, your email is routed through our application server (hosted on Microsoft Azure) where the branding is applied and sent back to your mail server for final delivery. All this happens instantly without delay to your emails.

Why should I include banners in my signature?

Email signature banners are a great way to cross-sell, upsell or create awareness for content, new products, testimonials, and more. Check out our Banner Gallery for examples and use cases.

Why should my emails be branded company-wide?

Aside from looking pretty, email branding helps create a sense of professionalism and trust. You can read more benefits of consistent, branded emails in our blog post here.

Can I change my email design?

Yes, you can create as many templates as you’d like. 

Can I have unique templates, signatures, or banners for each of my departments?

Yes, Black Pearl gives you full control over which departments display which templates, signatures, or banners through the groups feature. 

Will emails sent from mobile/tablet get my design applied?

Yes, your template design is applied to any outgoing email regardless of the device. 

Can I use the insights feature to receive alerts from specific email addresses?

Yes, Black Pearl’s insight module allows you to set up alerts and notifications from all or specific emails, so you don’t miss a thing!

How is Black Pearl different from mass-blast email services like Mailchimp?

Products like Mailchimp are typically used to send out email blasts to groups of people on a managed list. Black Pearl plugs into and enhances the email you currently use daily (typically from Outlook or Gmail) for one-on-one conversations. We make your regular text-based emails look and perform better by adding branded elements (your logos, colors, banners, etc.) and we also give you analytics, so you know who’s opening and clicking your email and when they’re doing it.  Learn more about the difference between mass-blast emails and daily emails in our blog post on the topic here 

Will Black Pearl harm my email deliverability?

No, at Black Pearl Mail, we actively monitor and follow all recommended best practices to ensure our users do not experience deliverability issues.

Do my emails remain private?

Yes, Black Pearl does not store any information from your email body in messages sent or received.

What’s the price?

Our pricing structure is broken down into Signatures Only and Signatures + Marketing. View our packages here.

Will my logo or banner come through as an attachment?

No, Black Pearl embeds your design into the email.  

What email servers and email clients does Black Pearl Mail work with?

Black Pearl works with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace (Formerly Google G Suite).

What kind of infrastructure does Black Pearl Mail have?
The Black Pearl application is fully hosted within Microsoft Azure. Black Pearl’s Azure environments are configured for high availability and geographically dispersed across Microsoft’s East, Central, and West North American regions. This is to mitigate risk of issues ranging from data center to regional networking with the ability to quickly spin up new regions, in new geographies, as needed. All the data centers are manned 24×7, and have strict controls and procedures around access to any physical infrastructure. All utilized data center facilities are SSAE16, ISO 27001, and SOC II certified.