February, 2021

Spoiler alert. You’re about to have one of those palm-to-forehead moments, as you think, “how in the world did I miss this!?” Don’t worry. Thousands of others missed it too, including many email experts.

So, what exactly have we all missed?

Hint: in business, we use it every single day, sometimes hundreds of times per day. We think about it first thing in the morning, an infinite amount of times throughout the day, and probably at least one more time right before bed. I’m talking about everyday business email here—the one you use to communicate with all your clients, partners, prospects, and other professionals in your network.

The Palm-to-Forehead-Moment

When most business professionals think about email marketing, they think of those mass blast or bulk email campaigns from big brands that fill their inbox with creative subject lines, striking colors, and engaging images—maybe even an emoji or two 😀😀.

These same business professionals rarely think about plain old regular business email. It’s just sort of there, and we use it without thinking too much of it. That’s because there’s not much excitement in daily email communications—And that’s putting it lightly. The truth is that side of email looks and feels boring, is unengaging and, doing nothing to provide a branded experience. It’s merely plain text.

“Your daily emails—as long as you have a good relationship with your recipients—can easily surpass a 90% CTR”

Isn’t it odd that businesses spend thousands ensuring their product packaging, websites, and social channels all look amazing, while the number one communication tool they rely on is nearly anemic in comparison? It’s been under your nose the entire time, and you’ve let this slide.

That’s why at Black Pearl Mail, we’ve committed to transforming daily email into a branded experience. Your business is already sending hundreds, if not thousands of emails per week—therefore, they should get the same attention when it comes to look and feel.


Comparing the Two

To clarify, we’re not here to talk you out of bulk email campaigns by any means. They are a business necessity, and we at Black Pearl Mail use them too.

We want to show that everyday email has several often-overlooked benefits and, therefore, should be branded to help drive more results alongside your other marketing efforts.

Below are the five most important differences.

1. CRM and Marketing Platforms

Bulk Email: Required | Daily Email: Not Needed

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) system or marketing platform is needed to send out bulk emails to large audiences defined by lead or customer lists. This also requires someone to manage the lists, load them into the CRM and map out which audiences get which campaign.

Daily emails are usually sent to a single recipient or a small group and are most often sent from Outlook or G Mail (through Google Workspace). The good thing is that you already own your daily email service where CRMs and Marketing platforms require a monthly subscription with rates increasing based on audience sizes.


2. Open Rates

Bulk Email: 15-25% | Daily Email: 99%

In email marketing, open rates are a hot topic and almost exclusively tied to mass blast email campaigns. But here is where things get interesting. Campaign Monitor* suggests that mass blast emails should aim for a 15-25% open rate. Compare that to open rates of daily business email, which hover at nearly 99%.

It’s important to remember that daily business emails are traditionally used to communicate with an audience with whom you have an existing relationship (key clients, partners, prospects, other business professionals). They are already used to communicating with you back and forth and therefore almost always open your emails. With nearly guaranteed eyes on these emails, it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand and other offerings.


3. Click-Through Rates

Bulk Email: 15.1% | Daily Email: Upper 90%

In the bulk email game, you’re always analyzing your click-through-rates (CTR), which reveal how many people clicked a link in your message. The average CTR for bulk campaigns is for B2B is 15.1%** and, most marketing teams consider that a great result, even though nearly 85% of recipients didn’t engage. On the other hand, your daily emails—as long as you have a good relationship with your recipients—can easily surpass a 90% CTR.


4. Senders

Bulk Email: Marketing/Sales | Daily Email: Entire Company

With bulk emails, it’s usually the marketing, sales, and design teams that handle copywriting, designing, and sending bulk blast emails. These email campaigns can easily spend days or weeks in the building and testing phases and require a lot more resources to manage.

Everyday email as you know, is utilized by everyone in the office and is drafted and delivered in a single process to the recipient in minutes. Adding to this efficiency, each team member isn’t worried about much else except for crafting the email, remembering to include the attachment, and hitting send.


5. Coding & Cross-Browser Testing

Bulk Email: Required | Daily Email: Not Needed

Bulk emails require much more technical attention. And that’s because they use custom HTML and CSS code to include branding, imagery, and other design elements. Since code can render differently on the wide variety of email clients, browsers, and devices; the team in charge of mass blast emails must perform cross-browser/device testing to ensure quality and consistency. This not only eats up time, but also money as quality testing platforms charge a premium.

Daily email requires no coding or testing since it’s simplicity, along with the email delivery service ensure your emails respond appropriately to each device.


Empower your entire office to help reach your business goals

Black Pearl Mail wraps your everyday email in a branded experience that showcases your logo, social media, professional signatures, and most importantly, signature banner ads that promote everything from testimonials to promotions and everything in between.

The true benefit here is that this branded experience is automatically applied to every user’s email—effectively ensuring the entire company is promoting every time they hit send.


Email Analytics & Insights

Elevate Your Daily Business Email with Black Pearl Mail

Our team of email experts is here to make you email smart! Schedule a demo with us and we will streamline your set up!

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