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About Desert Start Construction

For over 42 years, Desert Star Construction has been building word-class custom homes (known as Personal Resorts®) and boutique commercial properties throughout Arizona’s most luxurious communities.

With an impressive client roster, Principal Jeremy Meek is always in search of ways to control the DSC brand, improve operational efficiencies, and provide an excellent customer experience.

The Problem Reveals a Greater Solution

Meek knows that every detail is important, no matter how small. It’s all part of the one-of-a-kind experience that DSC provides. Just as every one of their properties reveals keen attention to the finest of details, so must every aspect of their communications.

Without an internal IT team, Meek initially just needed a simple way to create and manage email signatures for anyone representing DSC. With decades spent cultivating their brand and the elite service they provide, it was crucial that email signatures look professional and consistent on all platforms and devices. After reviewing several solutions, it was Black Pearl that clearly stood out because of two additional features included alongside their Signature Manager: Insights and Signature Banners.

The Ambassador by Desert Star Construction
The Ambassador by Desert Star Construction
Desert Star Construction’s Signature Banner – La Grande Maison

Revealing Vital Information with Insights

“I did not expect to find a true business tool when I started searching for easy ways to manage signatures. While Black Pearl’s Signature Manager is great because it allows me to update signatures company-wide in minutes, from any location, it was the Insights feature that was the immediate hook for us,” says Meek. “It gives our team tactical insights that are highly valuable throughout the entirety of our projects, which involve an extremely diverse set of stakeholders.”

Meek elaborates further by explaining that typical DSC projects also involve a broad set of team members, ranging from laborers, foremen, and superintendents on site, to architects, engineers, clients, and consultants that could be located across the globe—all collaborating via email.

“Black Pearl isn’t just for luxury brands like ours. At the price point, any business big or small will benefit from creating lasting impressions and gaining invaluable audience insights.”
Jeremy Meek

Principal, Desert Star Construction

“Black Pearl Insights is always there verifying what emails have been read or remain unopened, and what links are being clicked. It helps us follow up faster and more efficiently. Instead of wondering, we know!” says Meek. “It’s a great time-saver and also provides a record along the way so we can hold various members of our internal and external teams accountable. We know what the client is most interested in, what they’re focused on, and what they still need to do, all without asking”.

Meek goes on to mention that Insights is also very beneficial in tracking the emails in the accounting and billing processes as well.

Desert Star Signature Banner Examples

Instilling Confidence with Signature Banners

In addition to Insights, the DSC team relies on Black Pearl’s Signature Banners as a key piece of their overall conversion suite. While most Black Pearl customers use the graphical banners to promote special offers or sales below the email signatures, DSC takes a different approach.

Meek explains that just like many other luxury brands, traditional sales promotions are just not part of the playbook. “DSC relies heavily on word of mouth and social proof. The final build speaks for itself. While we would never promote any sort of ‘sale’, our team members instead use the banners to showcase their completed projects. So, in every email sent, the client and everyone on the chain continually sees embedded examples of our work. It truly reassures everyone that when they choose DSC, they are in very talented and capable hands.”

Meek’s team also enjoys the ease and speed of updating banner imagery and the A/B test functionality that lets them know which banners yield the most attention.

Having used Black Pearl for over a year, Meek and team continue to value not only the professionally branded signatures, but also the valuable insights and banners that enhance the client experience they have built over the past four decades.
Meek concludes, “Black Pearl isn’t just for luxury brands like ours. At the price point, any business big or small will benefit from creating lasting impressions and gaining invaluable audience insights.
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