Let’s face it; email is a big part of your business. It’s the easiest way to reach people and keep them updated on what’s going on. But how can you take your current daily email to the next level?

With about 4 billion people using email per day, there is a significant opportunity for your company. Email is an effective way to build relationships with your customers, generate demand, and drive sales.

Here 4 ways you can enhance your email to boost your business:

1. Consistent Email Signatures 

Having a consistent email signature is an effortless way to brand yourself as professional and provides a space to include information like a website or where they can find you on social media.  

2. Interactive Email Banners 

Banners can provide a space to create urgency or promote a sale or event in a visually interesting way that doesn’t require readers to scroll through text-heavy content before getting to the point.  

3. Eye-catching Subject Lines 

So, you crafted the perfect email with banners and signatures, but what if it never gets opened? Make sure you’re taking the time to use a good subject line that’s eye-catching and relevant to your email. 

4. Email Analytics 

Email analytics allow you to see how many people open, click and read your emails. This information gives you a clear picture of your audience’s interests and needs and when you should follow up. 79% more leads are closed when they are reached within 5 minutes of engaging with your content. 

Email is not going away anytime soon. Be sure to check out the Essential Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2022. With billions of emails being sent daily, you don’t miss out on this untapped marketing potential. 


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