Email signature management is a crucial part of digital marketing. It’s not just about having an awesome-looking email signature, it’s about creating a consistent experience for your customers and prospects. It’s also critical to ensure that the email signatures you use are well-optimized for the best results across all devices.

Why is email signature management important for marketing? 

Email signatures are a part of your brand and consistency. They’re are a great way to showcase your brand in an easy-to-read format at the end of each message. You can add your photo, social links, contact details or other information that may be helpful for your recipients. 

How do email signatures impact marketing?

Email signature management is a way to ensure that your company’s branding and messaging are consistent across all of your employees’ emails. It’s more than just adding a logo and tagline to each employee’s signature—it’s about making sure that the message you want to convey with your brand is clear, uniform and looks great on any device (i.e. tablet, mobile, etc).

This is especially important if you work in an industry that requires a lot of back-and-forth communication, such as advertising or real estate. Sending out consistent messages will help build trust with clients and partners, which can lead to better results when it comes time for sales pitches or proposals!

The Ambassador by Desert Star Construction
Consistant signatures accross all devices
Email signature up-close example

It’s more than just email signature generator software. 

Email signature management is more than just email signature generator software. It’s an extension of your brand and a critical part of your marketing strategy. Your emails should be consistently branded in every interaction you have whether you’re sending on the go from your phone or in the office on your laptop. We built our platform to help manage email signature content without writing any code—so you can focus on the creative instead of technical details. 

As you can see, email signature management is an important part of your email marketing strategy. Not only does it provide your company with a professional image, it also helps build loyalty and trust with every send. 


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