As an IT professional, you’re busy. You need a solution that allows you to manage your employees’ signatures and minimize the time spent on mundane admin tasks. A modern signature solution can help make this possible by automating many of the tasks involved in deploying and maintaining employee signatures. 

Remove the pain of managing employee details in signatures. 

  • Seamlessly manage all your employee information in one centralized location, allowing you to stay on top of your employees’ signatures and identities. 
  • Reduce time spent on mundane admin tasks. With our signature management software, you can easily adjust the signature of any user across any device in minutes instead of days or weeks. Minimize IT support requests by streamlining the process for both users and IT professionals alike. 

Sync with employee data directory. Roll out branding changes easily. 

Want to make sure your employees are using their sign-offs consistently, and that brand guidelines are being followed? With signature management, you can: 

  • Sync with employee data directory. Roll out branding changes easily by updating the signatures in one place. 
  • Customize branding for different user groups. Give managers their version of the company’s logo, or let users choose from a selection of fonts and colors to design a unique look for themselves. You can even add some fun symbols into the mix if you want! 

Keeping up with IT trends is no easy task – but when it comes down to it, IT departments need more than just compliance-driven software solutions on which they can rely. They also need something that will look great in years ahead as well as right now; something designed specifically with them in mind.

The Ambassador by Desert Star Construction
Consistant signatures accross all devices
Email signature up-close example

Empower your marketing team with code-free software.

Giving your marketing team the tools to manage their promotions is a great way to empower them, but it also reduces the manual support you need to provide. With code-free software, your marketing team can easily make changes to branding and content. They can also see what’s been sent out in real-time and analyze which emails perform best so they know what works for your organization’s audience. 

Signature management also helps you follow regulatory guidelines for disclaimers and other requirements. These statements can be easily inserted into every email that your organization sends. 


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