January, 2021

Will Rogers famously said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” This quote has been used in business and advertising for decades because of just how true it is. The first impression you give to people tells them a lot about your business. Within moments a person has assessed things like:

  • If you seem professional
  • Whether or not you’re trustworthy
  • If your brand is impressive or lackluster, and ultimately
  • Whether or not they want to do business with you


While these things can be improved upon, getting that first impression right from the outset is key in winning over potential customers, vendors, shareholders, and even prospective talent for your company. And your everyday emails are often the first impression a recipient will have of your team. 

What do we mean by everyday email? Well, we’re talking about the emails you mainly rely on to communicate with your key clients, professional contacts in your network, and your co-workers. You know, the emails you’re constantly checking throughout the day and sometimes even reading right before falling asleep.

Below we’ll cover the importance of the look and feel of your everyday emails, and why your email branding is critical if you hope to come off as professional and trustworthy.


Email Branding – It’s About More Than Your Email Signature

Think about the last emails you received in your inbox. Which ones stood out to you? Which ones made you want to click and learn more about the company?

Perhaps it was a captivating banner below the signature that promised you a way to save 20% off of your next order. Maybe the signature included an animated image which you didn’t even think it was possible to do. Or maybe it was just simple details like having the logo of the company at the top of the email and a picture of the company representative at the bottom of the email that caused the correspondence to come off more like a professional-looking email.

This is the power of email branding. It causes your recipient to take a second look. It makes them want to learn more about your business because it makes a strong impression. Unfortunately, most branded emails look stagnant and are easily dismissed as a result. They consist of plain text that all but tells the reader “this is a boring message, feel free to click away.” Your email doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few simple tweaks, boring emails can become a branded experience that helps your business grow.


The Benefits Of Email Branding

When you put in the effort of branding your emails to make them look professional, your business will benefit in many ways.


You will improve the way your business is perceived.

When someone opens your emails, they will immediately associate the quality of your email branding with the quality of your products or services. Your emails will build trust in your business, which ties directly to making it easier to charge more, making it more likely that your business closes a sale, and more likely that your customers recommend your business to other people. 

You will make your emails stand out from the rest

Most people put minimal effort into their email branding, they slap some of their info in their signature, maybe add a logo but that’s about it. This means that most of the emails being sent today are boring to the eye. Small changes like creating an aesthetically pleasing email signature and adding a branded banner to your emails can make a world of difference. When people open your emails they will see that your email is not like anything they have received before and they will remember you for it.  

You will increase engagement and responses of your emails

Better looking emails yield better results. Having aesthetically pleasing emails makes it more likely that the recipients take the time to reply back. Email branding also increases the amount of engagement you receive in your emails because of the fact that having an email signature banner means every single email you send includes a soft call to action tied to it. 

You will generate more revenue from the emails you already send

By branding your emails and adding to them a call to action within your signature banner, you will be able to turn your daily emails into a powerful marketing channel. In your banner, you can upsell, cross-sell, qualify leads, and much more. 

Think about it – your signature space is your prime real estate to wow someone, and capture their attention for a few more moments in their busy day. It’s where you can offer a freebie or special sale link that they can’t get anywhere else, giving a feeling of exclusivity and/or a fear of missing out.

The use-cases for email signature marketing are endless, and if you and your team are sending daily emails you might as well take advantage of that opportunity to create an avenue that helps you grow your business.

You’ll notice an increase in positive feedback from recipients

Overall, email branding will help you get more positive feedback from customers, advisors, team members, and anyone receiving your message. Since everyone is used to receiving standard emails without any branding, when they receive your emails they will be amazed at how professional it looks and oftentimes complement your emails. 

Email Branding Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

One of the biggest reasons people don’t take the time to properly brand their emails is that they think it will be incredibly complicated, or take them a lot of time and computer coding to do it. The good news is thanks to email branding and signature software this couldn’t be further from the truth. With Black Pearl Mail you can create brilliant email signatures that are not only beautiful, but that announce your brand to the world. No coding, installing programs, or messy IT needed.

Imagine being able to customize your email branding for yourself, your sales team, marketing department, customer service representatives, and more with just a few simple clicks. Our email signatures have been proven to increase engagement and drive up revenues. And, with our analytics reports, you can get more information about what’s working and what’s not with your email signature designs. Want to learn more about what Black Pearl Mail can do for you? Click here to get a demo, and we’ll get you on the fast track to better email branding in no time.

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