Engaging email banners for financial advisors & accounting specialists

Are you having trouble engaging your recipients? Black Pearl Mail allows you to place linkable banners below the signature block in your email. These banners can create and build rapport, or they can be used to send clients to your website.


Create a seamless experience by creating a banner that links directly to a loan application. Making it simple for you and the recipient!

Loan Services

Promote your services with ease. Email banners allow you to update and subtly advertise deals to your email recipients. Link it to your website to buy or learn more. 


What better way to engage a potential client than with a free assessment? Showcase these within your banner to drive more engagement and awareness for your company.


Gain trust by adding customer testimonials to your banner. Link them to a page where they can read more or leave a review of their own. 

Email smarter, not harder

You don’t always know what happens after an email is sent, but with Black Pearl Mail, you gain that ability. You can receive notifications when a recipient has opened or clicked on your email – signaling you to take action! Email analytics & insights provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a client while their hot!

Connect with our finance experts

Bring your email signature to life, showcasing your services, assessments, testimonials and more. Speak with one our experts to learn more about how you can use Black Pearl Mail in the finance industry.