Easy & effective emails for the insurance industry

Create a marketing channel that looks outstanding, yet doesn’t require a lot of time to manage. Email signature banners are perfect for making your brand stand out in your customer’s inbox, while providing you data on how it’s performing.


Use banners to update and address new safety policies. Black Pearl Mail also allows you to add disclaimer text below the signature block allowing medical professionals to stay compliant. 

Client Resources

Whether you’re looking to promote articles or encourage clients to download and use a mobile app, you can display this content below your signature. Clients can then easily access with the click of a button.  

Book Appointments

Advertise your specialties/offerings and link clients to a place where they can quickly set up an appointment. 


Gain trust by adding customer testimonials to your banner. Link them to a page where they can read more reviews or write one of their own.

Email smarter, not harder

You don’t always know what happens after an email is sent, but with Black Pearl Mail, you gain that ability. You can receive notifications when a recipient has opened or clicked on your email – signaling you to take action! Email analytics & insights provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a client while their hot!

Connect with our experts

Bring your email signature to life, showcasing your testimonials, services, and more. Speak with one our experts to learn more about how you can use Black Pearl Mail in the insurance industry.