Marketing experts —we’ve found an underutilized ad space

Did you know that there is a very powerful, but largely underused component for branding and marketing your business? Black Pearl Mail banners sit right below the signature block and acts as almost as a miniature billboard placed at the bottom of your emails. 

Cross-Sell Services

You speak with your clients on a daily basis, but do they know all of your services/offerings? Subtly promote these, linking them to learn more or book a time to chat!

Promote Your Blog

Drive more traffic to your blogs by utilizing banners that link to your new posts.

Downloadable Content

Have an e-book you’re looking to promote? Or maybe it’s a fascinating case study. Either way, email banners are a great way to advertise and link to these external documents for quick & easy access.


Gain trust by adding customer testimonials to your banner. Link them to a page where they can read more or leave a review of their own. 

Email smarter, not harder

You don’t always know what happens after an email is sent, but with Black Pearl Mail, you gain that ability. You can receive notifications when a recipient has opened or clicked on your email – signaling you to take action! Email analytics & insights provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a client while their hot!

Connect with our marketing experts

Bring your email signature to life, showcasing your services, blogs, videos and more. Speak with one our experts to learn more about how you can use Black Pearl Mail in the marketing industry.