Showcase products, reviews & sales with a click of a button

Create a marketing channel that looks outstanding that doesn’t require coding. Email signature banners are perfect for making your brand stand out. They also provide analytics on performance!

New Products

Easily showcase new items or services with email banners and link them back to your website. You can even generate excitement with a coming-soon banner!

Special Offers/Discounts

Display your special offers to casually encourage customers to buy. Link customers directly to your website to start shopping!

Now Hiring

Looking for people to join your team? Black Pearl email banners make it easy to spread the word. Link interested candidates to your application or a place where they can learn more.


Gain trust by adding customer testimonials to your banner. Link them to a page where they can read more reviews or write one of their own.

Email smarter, not harder

You don’t always know what happens after an email is sent, but with Black Pearl Mail, you gain that ability. You can receive notifications when a recipient has opened or clicked on your email – signaling you to take action! Email analytics & insights provides you with the opportunity to reach out to a client while their hot!

Connect with our experts

Bring your email signature to life, showcasing your discounts, services, and more. Speak with one our experts to learn more about how you can use Black Pearl Mail in the retail industry.