and redundancy

Black Pearl Network takes advantage of cloud technology, being able to provide email branding and centralized management service to clients. Our team offers full service packages at a lower cost compared to locally installed software.

Security & Compliance

Black Pearl is on your side. We leverage the top cloud partners in the world today to provide full geographic, platform and provider redundancy for performance and compliance to safeguard against failure and security breaches. Our cloud partner's environments are SOC I, SOC II, ISO27001 and GDPR and HIPAA compliant.


Black Pearl is fully equipped to support clients in a variety of regions. Our technology has full geographic and platform redundancy within main hosting locations, including East U.S., Central U.S., West U.S., APAC and the EU.


We keep your information safe by not storing or reading content from your emails, eliminating the risk of data or attachments being compromised. Mail flow can be restricted by your geographic location if required for business reasons, among other security features available to Black Pearl clients. Your email is safe with us.


How long does it take Black Pearl to work its magic? Typically it takes only 1-10 milliseconds to send an email in our system - that’s faster than blinking an eye! Black Pearl maintains 100% IP reputation by our active 24/7 team. We work hard to ensure our technology performs for you and your team. Black Pearl can seamlessly integrate with all mail platforms and security providers.

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