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  • Code-Free Signature Manager
  • Brand All Employee Emails
  • Promote offerings with Email Banners
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Campaigns
  • Clickable Logo
  • Performance Analytics
  • Email Open Alerts
  • Email Click Alerts
  • Target Specific Recipients

See why you need the Pearl on your side 🙂

After having used Black Pearl Mail for a while, I can’t imagine doing email without Black Pearl Mail; I feel like I would be flying blind without it.

Jeremy Meek

Desert Star Construction

Simple, get on the Pearl! Whether you are in sales, account management, or customer support, it’s a powerful tool to not only help your corporate communication look fantastic but to help you understand your audience.

Mike Pratt

Marque Group


At this price point, Black Pearl Mail is our most effective marketing expenditure.

Peter Clare

RoZetta Institute


Desert Star Construction gains tactical insights and increased efficiencies with Black Pearl Mail

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