August, 2019

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Black Pearl Mail Aims to Provide Centralized Solution for Email Signature Management & Analytics

Black Pearl Mail activates the intelligence of email to help companies use it more strategically. With email branding, email signature management, and analytics, Black Pearl aims to make external-facing functions like marketing and sales smarter.


The solution makes it easier for companies to implement uniform signatures centrally, consistent disclaimers, exclusive up-top “letterhead” branding, and valuable space for banner messaging, all from a simple and intuitive dashboard.

User Insights aim to give companies the necessary tools to make sense of their email data and understand who their users are and how they interact with their email. The group’s feature allows for banner messaging to be differentiated based on a company’s internal function. The backend analytics engine helps companies gain insights to improve their communications back to their customers.


Black Pearl Mail can be used by any Microsoft 365, Exchange, or Google G-Suite customer. It is extensively implemented by sales and marketing functions within a company, but it also has broad usage with internal groups.


As a SaaS-based model, the price of Black Pearl Mail is user-based per month.


Black Pearl mail currently has 700 customers across 40 countries.


Black Pearl Mail aims to provide an email solution that goes the extra mile. The solution’s most significant differentiators in the marketplace are its ability to centralize signature management, work across any email system, render consistently to any device, and provide up-top branding. Its analytics engine on the backend gives users data and insights to improve their email efforts.


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