Adding graphic elements like banners and logos to your email is not just a great way to style your message, it also helps build relationships with your existing customers and reach new audiences. Here are some tips for how to create effective email banners: 

1. Be specific about what you are offering. 

It’s important to be specific about what you are offering. You don’t want to ask for the sale or give too much away, but you should also provide enough information so that your customers know why they should click. You can do this by telling your customers what’s on offer, who it’s for, and why they should act. 


2. Make the call to action clear and concise.

A call to action is a button that leads users to a certain page or website. It should be obvious what the button does and where it will take them. For example, if you want people to download an app, use “download now” or “click here”.


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3. Use color, graphics, and branding. 

First, ensure you are using your brand colors. We all have a few colors that we’re known for, and those should be used in your email signature and banner. This way, people who know you will immediately recognize your emails as coming from you. 

Next, add your logo. The more recognizable the logo (and the more frequently it’s used), the better. People will start to associate your logo with your company, which makes them think of you when they see it elsewhere. 

Your font choice can also make a huge difference in how people perceive a message; choose wisely! You should also consider how much emphasis each word gets. When typing out an email banner, remember that longer words take up more space than shorter ones do. Try not to split up words too much unless there’s absolutely no way around it. 

Lastly, consider using color psychology when choosing what text-based elements look like–it can help draw attention to certain messages while allowing others to fade depending on where they’re placed relative to one another. 

Always remember that you are not just sending an email with a banner in it. It’s a part of a continuous conversation between your company and the customers. 
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