March, 2021

One of the most exciting outcomes of software development is discovering the non-obvious ways customers benefit from it. This has become very apparent with our Insights module — a real-time analytics tool for daily business email.

At first glance, Black Pearl’s Insights seems like it’s just for alerting you of the immediate interaction with your current email recipients, particularly about who has opened your emails and what links they clicked on (or ignored altogether). However, many Black Pearl power users have realized that old emails sent weeks or even months ago provide some very tactical insights. Let’s look at some examples that could apply to you.

Perhaps a quote you emailed six months ago has just been reopened. Or, a contract email from last year is suddenly being revisited. Or, maybe a prized employee just reopened the offer letter you sent when she first started.

Insights Dashboard Clicks
Black Pearl’s Insights Dashboard

Emails are often the catalyst for commercial action, good or bad. In all of the above cases, you’d be in the dark without Insights. However, with Insights you’d be alerted to take action to reignite that sales opportunity, check in with the customer who’s suddenly evaluating that contract, or proactively reach out to that employee who may be considering leaving or asking for a raise.

Emails can have long tail of insight, and that knowledge is your power.

While notifications on initial interactions are obviously impactful, getting notified when an old email is revisited does more than help you stay ahead of the game. These insights from old emails could easily save you from being blindsided by client loss, or on the positive, could reveal opportunities from prospects you considered goners. Regardless, forewarned is forearmed and recipients opening old emails is a prime indicator of what is to come.

That’s the thing about emails. They have a long tail of insight, and that knowledge is your power.

How Insights Can Improve Your Short and Long Game

Insights is one of three email-enhancing features included in the Black Pearl platform. Insights is designed to keep you in the know so you never miss an opportunity. You’ll know who’s opening your email for years to come and what parts of your emails they’re clicking on, including links in your copy, Email Signature, or Email Signature Banners. Additionally, if you’re chasing new business, you can set up instant alerts to be notified the second a key recipient opens your email.

For a real-life case study of the power of Insights alongside Black Pearl’s other features, check out how Desert Star Construction gains tactical insights and increased efficiencies with Black Pearl Mail

Email Analytics & Insights

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