May, 2021

When you brand your everyday emails correctly, you
transform those standard and boring-looking emails into a powerful low-cost marketing channel for your business.

What do we mean when we say everyday email? Well, these are the emails you’re constantly checking throughout the day and sometimes even at night while laying in bed. We’re talking about the emails you rely on to communicate with clients, professional contacts in your network, and co-workers on a daily basis.

Branding your everyday emails will improve the perception of your business, increase engagement and response rates of emails, and make your message stand out from the crowd.

More importantly, when you effectively brand your emails you include a cool-looking banner with your marketing messages, right below your email signature. This is called email signature marketing, and it’s what transforms the emails you send on a daily basis into a new marketing channel for your business.


Traditionally, branding your emails used to be a complicated task. Designing your emails was hard enough, but you also had to install them yourself by learning how to code, and doing that for the rest of your team turns into a full-time job by itself. 

But not anymore, those days are long gone. Thanks to Email Signature Software, it’s easier and far more effective than ever to brand your everyday emails.

The Benefits of Using Email Signature Software

There are several benefits to using software for your email signature management. For starters, branding emails are simplified without the bottlenecks of waiting on employees to do it themselves or spending countless hours having IT personnel execute the task. 

Secondly, you can align team member signatures so that every department uses a specific marketing message in minutes. Even creating customized banners for multiple departments/recipients is a task that can be handled with minimal effort.


However, not all email signature management software is created equal. 

Many businesses make the mistake of opting for free software to manage team member email signatures. Unfortunately in this space, it’s especially true that you get what you pay for. The biggest problems we’ve seen with free options, and even discounted options, are:

  • They are often difficult to customize and limited on said customization
  • You can’t add images. Even if you can add an image, you’re again limited to the type and size – so forget about moving pictures and GIFs!
  • Images in the email signature won’t display well on all devices such as smartphones or tablets – if they are displayed at all
  • Emails can be blocked by spam filters because of the coding or image attachments
  • Most require at least a brief knowledge of coding to deploy successfully
  • All of your email signatures will come with a branded watermark that you can’t remove, and that announces to recipients that you’re using their program. This can distract from your marketing message and makes your business look cheap.
  • You won’t be able to receive analytics and insights that tell you how recipients are interacting and engaging with your email signatures
  • You also won’t receive real-time notifications of people engaging with your email signatures

We could go on, but we think you get the picture. Free and cheap email signature software limits your functionality quite a bit, and can actually detract from your marketing goals rather than help you achieve them.

Black Pearl Mail – Email Signature Software That Has Everything You Need & More

At Black Pearl, we saw the hidden power behind email branding as well as what the current solutions in the market were lacking, and we created the best software for email signature management and email branding. 

We understand what businesses need, and that’s why our software provides the following benefits:

  • It’s easy to make changes to signatures for an entire team, or just a single department in mere minutes
  • You save the time and hassle of having your team members manage their own signatures, or sending IT personnel to each desk to deploy email signatures
  • Tailor your marketing messages with laser focus targeting – use a different call to action depending on who is sending the message and/or the audience that will receive it
  • We provide email analytics, insight reports and A/B testing capabilities so you can quickly tell which messages are resonating, and which ones are falling flatEmail-Signature-A-B-Test
  • You’ll receive real-time notifications when someone clicks on or engages with your email signature. Imagine being able to have your sales team quickly reach out to prospects who click a link to answer questions or offer assistance to make more sales
  • We’ll help you get everything set up with templates, assist you with email signature best practices, and make sure your emails are displaying the images you desire – all without requiring you to learn to code or download any plugins

With Black Pearl email signature software, you can create stunning signatures that compliment your current marketing efforts, and make every email you’re sending more effective than ever before.

When you start working with Black Pearl, you’ll quickly understand why Peter Clare of the RoZetta Institute calls us their “most effective marketing expenditure,” or why Mike Pratt of the Marque Group says Black Pearl is “a powerful tool to not only help your corporate communication look fantastic but to help you understand your audience.” Our client Jeremy Meek with Desert Star Construction even went so far as to say, “I can’t imagine doing email without Black Pearl Mail; I feel like I would be flying blind without it.” Read more on our Desert Star Construction case study here.

We’ve helped many businesses take their email marketing efforts to the next level, and we want to help you too. Stop missing the huge opportunity of branding your everyday emails, and turn them into a powerful low-cost marketing channel for your business.

Book a demo with us and witness with your own eyes the true power of email signature marketing.

Email Analytics & Insights

Ready to Elevate Your Email Results with Black Pearl Mail?

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